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Life continues. [Oct. 17th, 1977|08:26 pm]
Bellatrix Black
[Current Mood |borednot bored at all]

I still find myself meandering around Grimmauld Place, exploring some of the dusty rooms that I remember playing in as a child. I used to be told off for getting my dress dirty (it was white) when I crawled under the table in the third dining room. I do believe part of the reason I always longed so for pants was because to my mind they held some aura of freedom, of being able to crawl through into the warm place behind the oven in the kitchens without ripping anything.

I should not be nostalgic. Those days are passed and I am living in better ones; the most exciting days of the century, indeed.

I am no longer bored: in fact, my life is quite occupied helping my parents and attending various social events. However I do miss the company of my sister, and it is not without a vaguely despondant sentiment that I look upon the happenings of my ex-Slytherin compatriots as they endure classes and practices and prefect duties. I am thankful, however, that I am not to be shadowed under the reign of the Potter as Head Boy - it was bad enough when it was a Hufflepuff, after all.

I've rediscovered the library, and I practice daily on House Elves and other trivial creatures. My mother says I should find a hobby suitable for a lady. I would like to paint, or garden perhaps.

I am also going to find a way of making my own means; not as any substitute for the support that my family can so easily give me, but rather to stop my talents from going to waste idling around being better than you.
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RODOLPHUS LESTRANGE!!!!!! [Aug. 23rd, 1977|09:17 pm]
Bellatrix Black
[Current Mood |angryspeechless]

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Leaving friends, and other contemplations. [Aug. 22nd, 1977|10:30 am]
Bellatrix Black
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Home again soon, which is very much a shame. I do so enjoy the entertainment around here. Regulus's highly amusing House Elves, Mr Lestrange's tutorials in various aspects of magic that I could never quite pick up from the Hogwarts curriculum, and - of course - darling Rodolphus. We really must take as many walks as possible before I am to leave. But of course, you'll all come and visit whenever you can, yes? I would be absolutely devastated if you didn't.

Then again, the prospect of returning home does have its positive connotations. I miss little Cissa, and even with firechat and owl correspondence I do sorely wish to have proper communications with my family. Poor Father, at last I shall be able to talk with him.

I'm terrified I will be bored out of my mind in the coming year, because obviously I'm not going to return to school, and these days the idea of getting a job just overwhelms me with ennui. Perhaps I shall take up something suitably decorous, like sewing ...Or perhaps Father will allow me to take some kind of duelling class? I can think of many people whose mentoring skills I would be glad to have in the coming times.

After all, the learning does not stop after Hogwarts. That much I have discovered.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 1977|02:03 am]
Bellatrix Black
[Current Mood |determineddetermined]


I am disgusted by the Ministry's treatment of our family. I do declare that my holiday has been absolutely ruined. There shall be hell to pay for these incompetent miscreants who call themselves Ministry Workers. Add that to the fact that they sent her a letter. What use is that going to be? She's not a member of our family anymore, is she? St Mungos staff are complete idiots. And then there's the fact that the Aurors were using illegal magic. All you so-called Auror Trainees should be ashamed of what you're becoming. I've seen it! I see it! No good, the lot of you!

I've no more time for writing, I've something important to do. After all, if you need something done, do it yourself, is what I always say!
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On France [Jul. 17th, 1977|09:08 pm]
Bellatrix Black
[Current Mood |determinedperfectly happy and content]

Adge was absolutely wonderful. Admittedly, I don't like the sun - however I positively luxuriated in time alone with dear Rodolphus the mudbloodsnogging bastard. I suppose it's good to get me out in the open after all that stress about my bloody NEWTs, etc.

The villa is - well, I believe I said quaint earlier, but that was only a first impression! It's much nicer than I thought, though one of the House Elves need to be taught his/her/its place. France is more desolate than I expected. I keep wanting to go for walks by myself like I used to in England but I don't know quite where I am and I'd probably end up running into some disgusting Muggle village.

Speaking of disgusting, I felt the need to inform my sister (not you Cici, the other one) that I, too, am perfectly happy and content. Though I of course am assured in my happiness, as I shan't ever have to look forward to changing nappies and feeding and burping and dealing with crying babies in the middle of the night.

I suppose you could miscarriage. Here's hoping.
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